Title: Clean, The Film. A Clean Picture LLC

Title: Hip Hop Evolution (season 2, 3). Netflix Series. Banger Films                           

VAYNER MEDIA & VAYNER PRODUCTIONS. Ad Agency/Commercial/Content Branding

REVOLT TV. Ad Agency/Commercial/Content Branding

Title: Pulse, The Film. Rollin Productions

Title: Su, The Film. 422 Luxe Productions

Title: Snapped (season 23). Oxygen TV. Jupiter Ent.

Title: Fatal Attraction (season 7). Discovery ID. Jupiter Ent.

What started out as camp media support at Standing Rock has evolved into a tool for education, awareness, and resistance. Through intimate conversation and direct front line action, we capture stories, image, and song. The voice that has been silenced by the effects of colonialism. Rezervation Nation seeks to serve the Indigenous people of this land called America. 


Sound Devices 688 Multi-track Timecode mixer/recorder

Sound Devices 633 Multi-track Timecode mixer/recorder

Sound Devices Mix Pre 6 Recorder

Sound Devices CL12 Linear Mixer Controller 


1 Pair WisyCom LBNA Sharkfin Antennas

1 PSC Multi SMA splitter 

4 Lectrosonic SMQV wireless transmitters 

2 Lectrosonics UM400 wireless transmitters

1 Lectrosonics HM200 wireless plug on transmitters

4 Lectrosonic ucr411a wireless receivers

1 Lectrosonics SRB wireless dual receiver


6 Sanken cos11d lavalier mics 

3 Tram TR50 lavalier mics

3 Countryman B6 lavalier mic


1 Sennheiser MKH416 shotgun mic

1 Scheopes CMIT5U shotgun mic

1 Sanken CS3E shotgun mic


1 Sennheiser MKH50

1 Audix SCX1


1 Zepplan/Blimp

1 RE50 handheld mic

1 Comtek M-216 Option 7 transmitter

8 Comtek PR-216 receivers

3 Carbon Fiber boom poles

Wireless Camera Hops

Smart Slate & Locket Box

2 Filmtools Magliner Sound Carts


Canon C100MKii

2 Canon 7D's

2 GoPro Hero 4